Thursday, November 17, 2016


Appeals as the Member’s Authorized Representative: Appeals that you can make as the member’s authorized representative according to the terms of the member’s contract are claims for which the member is financially responsible. When you act as the member’s authorized representative, you are not separately entitled to any appeals pursuant to this Contracting Provider Agreement.

 Appeals Pursuant to Contracting Provider’s Agreement

First Level: Written notification of disagreement highlighting specific points for reconsideration of a claim denied not medically necessary shall be provided to BCBSKS within 60 days from the date of the retrospective review determination. This notice shall be considered an initial appeal and be forwarded with all pertinent medical records to BCBSKS Customer Service. Medical records submitted with the request for initial appeal will be referred to the appropriate consultant and a determination will be rendered. This decision will be binding unless the provider files a second-level appeal within 60 days of notification of such decision.

Second Level: Forward a written request for the second-level appeal to BCBSKS customer service within 60 days following the first-level appeal denial notification. The second and final appeal determination shall be made by a physician or clinical peer. The contracting provider agrees to abide by the second-level appeal determination.

All appeal decisions under this agreement must be provided within 60 days of receipt of the provider's request. Any appeals decision not provided within the aforementioned time frames shall be considered as decisions made in favor of the provider and claim payments will be adjusted accordingly.

A contracting provider agrees to accept the determination made at each level or to appeal the determination at the next step of the appeals process. If throughout the appeals process the decision on the claim changes in the provider's favor, an additional payment will be made. However, a refund will be requested if the decision reverses a previous determination (either partially or totally).

The result of the appeals process shall be binding on the provider and BCBSKS subject only to the provision for binding arbitration previously stated herein.

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