Monday, June 27, 2016

Rejection code N294, MA114 AND N270, 283

Facility/laboratory name and/or address

N294: Missing/incomplete/invalid service facility primary address.
MA114: Missing/incomplete/invalid information on where the services were furnished.

Refer to Item 32 on the claim form. Service facility information is used to price claims. Enter the service location name and complete address on the claim.
• Enter the service location name, street address, city, state and a valid ZIP code in item 32.
• The location where the service was rendered is required for all place of service (POS) codes.
• If additional entries are needed, separate claim forms must be submitted.
• If required by Medicare claims processing policy, enter the NPI of the service facility in item 32a.

Purchased service/primary provider identifier

N270: Missing/incomplete/invalid other provider primary identifier.
N283: Missing/incomplete/invalid purchased service provider identifier.

Effective for claims submitted with a receipt date on and after October 1, 2015, billing physicians and suppliers must report the name, address, and NPI of the performing physician or supplier on all anti-markup and reference laboratory claims, even if the performing physician or supplier is enrolled in a different contractor’s jurisdiction. Physicians and suppliers may no longer indicate their own information when the laboratory service(s) were purchased..

• Enter the valid performing physician or supplier’s NPI in item 32a.
• Enter the actual performing physician/supplier’s name, address and ZIP code in item 32.

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