Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Submitting correction claim for suspended claim.

Special Considerations

• If a “suspense” system is used for incomplete or invalid claims, the carrier or FI will not deny the claim with appeal rights if corrections are not received within the suspense period, or if corrections are inaccurate. The carrier must return the unprocessable claim through the remittance process, without offering appeal rights, to the provider of service or supplier. The FI uses the RTP process.

For assigned and unassigned claims submitted by beneficiaries (Form CMS-1490S), that are incomplete or contain invalid information, contractors shall manually return the claims to the beneficiaries. If the beneficiary furnishes all other information but fails to supply the provider or supplier’s NPI, and the contractor can determine the NPI using the NPI registry, the contractor shall continue to process and adjudicate the claim. If the contractor determines that the provider or supplier was not a Medicare enrolled provider with a valid NPI, the contractor shall follow previously established procedures in order to process and adjudicate the claim.

Contractors shall send a letter to the beneficiary with information explaining which information is missing, incorrect or invalid; information explaining the mandatory claims filing requirements; instructions for resubmitting the claim if the provider or supplier refuses to file the claim, or enroll in Medicare, and shall include language encouraging the beneficiary to seek non-emergency care from a provider or supplier that is enrolled in the Medicare program. Contractors shall also notify the provider or supplier about his/her obligation to submit claims on behalf of Medicare beneficiaries and that providers and suppliers are required to enroll in the Medicare program to receive reimbursement.

Contractors shall consider a complete claim to have all items on the Form CMS-1490S completed along with an itemized bill with the following information: date of service, place of service, description of each surgical or medical service or supply furnished; charge for each service; treating doctor’s or supplier’s name and address; diagnosis code; procedure code and the provider or supplier’s NPI. Required information on a claim must be valid for the claim to be considered as complete.

If a beneficiary submits a claim on the Form CMS-1500, return the Form CMS-1500 claim to the beneficiary, and include a copy of the Form CMS-1490S, along with a letter instructing the beneficiary to complete and return the Form CMS-1490S for processing within the time period prescribed in §70.5 above. Include in the letter a description of missing, invalid or incomplete items required for the Form CMS-1490S that were not included with the submitted Form CMS-1500 or were invalid.

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