Thursday, September 15, 2011

what is transaction control number and TCN to credit net

Transaction Control Number

The unique identifying number assigned to each claim submitted. The TCN is the primary number used to identify the claim in the system. The following chart explains the components that the digits of the TCN

Digit                 Component Represented
1 Claim input type
0 or 1 = Paper claim
2 = Magnetic tape claim
3 = Electronic claim
4 = ACS generated claim
5 = AHCA handled claim
2 - 6 Julian date claim was received
7 - 8 For internal use
9 - 11 Batch number
12 - 15 Document number
16 - 17 Line number

TCN-to-Credit NET

The transaction control number of the claim that the provider requested an adjustment on is indicated for reference. The net of the positive and negative adjustment amounts are printed to reflect the difference
between the original and adjusted claim.

Previous Date Paid Conflicting TCN

When a claim is denied for duplicate reason, the paid date and the transaction control number of the originally paid claim are indicated for reference

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