Wednesday, February 2, 2011

correct claim submission for adjudication

The Mississippi Medicaid Part B Crossover Claim form located in this section is a state specific form, and must be used when billing for Medicare Part C Advantage Plans only. Medicare Advantage Plans claims are for dually eligible beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare and eligible for Medicaid coverage. The following are instructions for completing the Medicare Part B crossover billing form when billing Medicare Part C Advantage Plan claims.

Paper Claim Reminders 

Claims should be completed accurately to ensure proper claim adjudication. Remember the following:

* Use blue or black ink.

* Be sure the information on the form is legible.

* Do not use highlighters.

* Do not use correction fluid or correction tape.

* Ensure that names, codes, numbers, etc., print in the designated fields for proper alignment.

* Claim must be signed. Rubber signature stamps are acceptable.

* Claims received on an incorrect claim form or without the appropriate EOMB can not be processed for payment.

* Indicate that the claim is a Medicare Part C Advantage Plan claim by writing the words Advantage Plan on the bottom of the claim form.

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