Sunday, June 6, 2010

Request for Expedited Grievance Determination

The member, member’s representative or a provider may file a request for an expedited grievance determination verbally or in writing. A verbal request can be filed by calling Customer Service. A written request can be mailed or faxed directly to the Grievance Department at:

WellCare Health Plans
Grievance Department
P.O. Box 31384
Tampa, FL 33631-3384
Fax: 1-866-388-1769

A determination on the expedited request will be made within 24 hours of receipt of the expedited request.
A request for an expedited grievance determination can be made for complaints related to the Plan’s decisions as follows:
 Extends the timeframe to make an organization determination or reconsiderations.
 Refuses to grant a request for an expedited organization or reconsideration.

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