Monday, June 7, 2010

Appeal sample letter - Timely filing denial

[Sample Appeal Letter for Timely Filing]

Name of Insurance Company
Address (get address for appeals if it exists)

Re:    Appeal of Denial for Timely Filing

Patient Name:
Group Number:                        DOS:
Subscriber No:                        Reference No.:
(etc – get this information from the denial)

We are appealing the denial of claims for (patient name) and request that these claims be reviewed and paid.

On (original submission date) we submitted claims for services rendered to the above patient. This was well within your timely filing deadline.

The promptly and properly submitted claims were neither paid nor denied by your company. On (date of resubmission) we resubmitted the claims for consideration. On (date of denial) we received a denial of the claims for “timely filing”. Please see the attached EOB from your company. 

I have attached copies of the original claims showing the date they were printed. Our office policy is to send all claims on the date they are produced. The printed date is the date of submission and is well within your deadline. (or) I have attached a copy of our Claims Submittal Report provided by our electronic claims clearinghouse showing that the original submission date was well within your deadline.

We respectfully request that these claims be promptly processed and that are office is paid for the services rendered to your subscriber as allowed by the State prompt payment regulations. If this claim is further denied, we intend to then file a complaint with the Office of the Insurance Commissionaire.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me directly at (123) 456-7890.


Your Name

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