Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Denial of illegible or incomplete claim

Illegible Claim Information

Information on the claim must be legible in order to avoid delays or inaccuracies in processing. Review billing processes to ensure that forms are typed or printed in black ink, that no fields are highlighted (this causes information to darken when scanned or filmed), and that spacing and
alignment are appropriate. Handwritten information often causes delays or inaccuracies due to reduced clarity. Handwritten corrections on previously submitted claims are not accepted and will be returned.

NOTE – Do not highlight any information on the claim form or accompanying documentation. Highlighted information will become illegible when scanned or filmed. 

NOTE – Submitting the original copy of the claim form will assist in assuring claim information is legible.
Denial -  Incomplete Forms

All required information as specified within this manual or the appropriate CMS claims form instruction guides must be included on the claim form in order to ensure prompt and accurate processing.

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